Boris Bistro


The Boris Bistro adventure started in 1999. After falling in love with an undeveloped space on McGill street, then a fairly abandoned area, Boris, the name of the owner’s dog, became the precursor of the revival of McGill street.

Our mission is to offer a place, surrounded by greenery. Kick back and drink coffee, or a local beer or a glass of wine, often natural or organic and exclusively imported by Boris Bistro, or simply, eat- in a unique environment in the heart of Montreal.

The menu is definitely Bistro. It combines French tradition, local products and influences from all over the world, all gluten-free.

Indeed, we became, in June 2018, the first certified gluten-free restaurant in Quebec. This gluten-free certification was awarded by the Canadian Celiac Association and the Fondation Quebecoise de la maladie cœliaque. The owner and one of the sons of the General Manager suffers from celiac disease which makes them very aware of the difficulties to find a gluten-free environment without cross-contamination.

Boris Bistro